Have you ever had a problem and been in desperate need of a solution? How happy and relieved were you when you found out that a solution to your problem already existed?

What if your dream is the solution for someone else’s life?

This journal is designed to help you realize that your dreams are significant
and valuable to the world. You must muster the courage to write your dreams and visions down no matter how big they are or how small they seem in your eyes.  This journal is the start of your anti-grasshopper living.  I encourage you to write like your life depends on it – or more importantly, like the world will change as a result of you becoming a scribe for the unseen. Remember this – YOU ARE NOT A GRASSHOPPER!!!!!


Change can be a real butt-kicker. Whether we desire change and work hard for it or it occurs unexpectedly, it will leave us either relieved and hopeful, heartbroken and grieving, or indifferent, and even indecisive. About 5 years ago, after a major loss in my life, I was certainly left heartbroken and needed something new to turn my focus to… so I decided to start working out. I hated it! I was skinny my whole life, but with a regular gym schedule and time invested with a trainer who was serious about health and fitness, after about one year I built up a noticeably muscular frame. I felt good about that change… but it wasn’t enough.


Was there ever a time in your life when you felt that you were missing out on everything God has for your life? Although you know God’s promises, do you ever feel like you somehow can’t see His participation in your life? Have you ever been frustrated because it seemed that others were experiencing God’s promises while you were left out? If so, you’re not alone. I can remember ‘feeling’ that I had no choice but to look for other ways out, other means of comfort, other sources for provision because it ‘seemed’ that God would not show up, or just chose not to respond to my needs.

This resource will help you understand the value of personal worship time with God, understand what that personal time affords, and how to worship and make the most of experiencing the presence of God.


I am extremely excited to present this is grand opportunity to you. This information is the result of more than a decade of observations and tests validating its benefit and aide in maximizing attendance. If you are an artist or an aspiring artist specifically in music, or if you’re an actor, entertainer, dancer or anything that has to do with arts and entertainment; this book is for you! This opportunity for you! This time is for you! What you’re holding is a guide filled with proven principles and techniques that help you maximize attendance to your event or concert.

This information will open your mind to things that you may be aware of that you don’t know how to operate in or things that you have seen or these are things quite honestly that you have been a participant in unknowingly.