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Jonathan DeCuir


What Are You Listening To Pastor Jonathan DeCuir Breaks It Down

The ever-changing field of urban worship music offers something for everyone—inspirational, spoken word and soul, contemporary Christian, gospel, worship, and praise—but with so many terms, it isn’t always easy to keep up, especially when you may not have been too certain of the differences between all the terms in the first place! With this in mind, The Frequency enlisted the assistance of an up-and-coming young music director who is not only up on the traditional terms and formats of yesteryear, but the new-school terms as well. Pastor Jon DeCuir from Victory Bible Full Gospel Baptist Church in Pasadena, California breaks things down in layman’s terms for a quick-and-easy Go-to-Guide so that the next time you are singing along with a song or hear a specific sound, you will know exactly what it is you are listening to.
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